Joylong Electric Buses Now in Australia

Australian First – Electric Commuter Bus Nationwide Network

Australia’s first fully ADR compatible electric commuter bus is now represented across Australia by some of the biggest and most experienced bus specialist dealers in the country. Joylong’s electric commuter bus has drawn interest from key professionals in the national bus industry who recognise Joylong as an important stepping stone to an all-electric future.

The Joylong is the first to bring the latest EV technology, now commonly found in full-size buses to the huge small commuter sector.

Brisbane’s Bus Stop Sales is one of the largest bus dealers in Australia and claims a history going back over forty years. Importantly, the company not only sells buses but has a well-established reputation as a bus body builder. Its experience in the nitty-gritty of bus design and engineering speaks volumes about the quality of the Joylong build and expected driveline reliability.

Bus Stop Sales will not only be the primary dealer in Queensland from its Rocklea base, but will also sell and support the Joylong in Victoria through its operation in Legacy Road Epping.

The company made the decision to include Joylong in its portfolio of products due to the quality of fit and finish and an outstanding driving experience.

The huge New South Wales bus market is being addressed by the renowned Campbell brothers, Ian and Bruce, who have over 50 years experience in the Australian bus industry including de- signing, importing, building, distribution and sales. The Campbells will market the Joylong com- muter bus in NSW and the ACT.

The recommended retail price is $87,453. and depending which state the vehicle is purchased the drive away price will be close to $90,000. Each state has different rates of stamp duty and road registration fees and some states have concessions for Electric vehicles.

The price compares favourably with current diesel bus prices and combined with the dramatic reduction in running costs will ensure operators can maximise their produc- tivity with an early move into an electric future.

E6 Electric Commuter Bus

E6 Bus Arrives in Australia

First Series Production Electric Commuter Bus Ready For Sale Immediately

A new 14-Seat commuter bus has just arrived in Australia, and unlike the rest of the crowd, it’s fully electric. Global Auto Distributors has landed first shipments of the Joylong E6 bus in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and they are ready for retail sale immediately.

Featuring a profile that is well-known locally, the new bus is far more than a concept vehicle brought to Australia for testing and evaluation. The Joylong E6 is already well-proven in Asian markets with an outstanding level of reliability and functionality.

The 60kW liquid-cooled electric motor generates a peak torque of 382Nm and drives through the rear wheels. The 86.1 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery is also liquid cooled and is recharged through a 22kW OBC Euro type socket. A 22kW AC on-board charger connects to a 20a or 32a three-phase circuit and allows charging times that reflect optimal city and suburban operating ranges.

From empty to full the E6 battery will top-up in five hours using a 20amp circuit. A 32amp circuit will complete the job in 3.9 hours. More practically, you can charge the E6 from 20 per cent to 80 per cent in just 2.3 hours on a 32amp circuit.

The 14-seats are arranged with Australian frames in mind and the independent front and rear air conditioning features a double rear top evaporator for maximum cooling in our hottest weather. Each of the passenger seats are fitted with adjustable back rests, are finished in fabric and each include three-point safety belts.

Driver and front passenger are protected with individual airbags, and the driver will enjoy comfort and connectivity features equal to many passenger cars. A rear reverse radar is included for those tight parking spots in and around the city.

Operators will welcome the huge reduction in servicing expense and down-time as ongoing maintenance is limited to coolant checks, tyre rotations and checking pads on the all-wheel disc brakes.

Global Distributors welcome your enquiry about its new commuter bus, set to make its mark not only in Perth, but in some of the most hostile environments WA can offer.

Call Global Automotive Distributors on 08 9351 9239 or 0484 386 544 for further information or email

Who Are Global Automotive Distributors?

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce GAD (Global Automotive Distributors) and the Joylong E6 Electric Bus.

In May 2018, GAD brought into Australia (Perth, WA) the Joylong E6 14seat electric bus.  Our manufacturer partner, Joylong has delivered over 14,000 various units to 59 countries throughout the world in the last five (5) years.

GAD (Global Automotive Distributors) has carried out testing of the E6 electric bus extensively over all types of road conditions including severe testing on our harsh road conditions. GAD wanted to be sure that our product would stand up to the testing that has been carried out and must say GAD has been very impressed with the durability of the E6 electric bus.

GAD (Global Automotive Distributors) are the first “Western” country Joylong have dealt with and GAD has formed a very solid relationship with Joylong due to our expertise with vehicles in the Australian market. Global Automotive Distributors have successfully over the last two years in conjunction with the manufacturer obtained Australian Design Rule (ADR) Approval which enables us to import and retail the vehicles.

GAD (Global Automotive Distributors) have the importation rights, through a Distributorship agreement, for Australia and New Zealand for a range of Joylong Electric light commercial vehicles.

The quality and fit and finish of this bus far exceeds previous entries from Chinese manufacturers into Australia. People in the industry have placed orders for vehicles with the intention of taking more.

GAD (Global Automotive Distributors) have appointed dealers in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and are due to receive their stock in early 2020.

There are three more models, vans, which we are now working on for Australian Design Rule certification and this is expected to be achieved in 2020.

Together, Joylong and GAD (Global Automotive Distributors) are committed to building a quieter and cleaner environment for future generations.

The Joylong E6 Electric Bus