• Introducing the Joylong E6 Electric Bus

    Joylong are proud to introduce the E6, ADR approved electric bus to Australia

  • Quieter and Cleaner eBuses

    Joylong Automobiles Australia are committed to building a quieter and cleaner environment for future generations within the Automotive Industry.

  • Powerful Electric Buses

    Powered with a 86.1kWh lithium battery pack and a water cooled 382Nm electric motor with rear wheel drive.

  • Versatile Electric Bus

    This unique 6 metre electric bus can be adapted from 14 seats to 12 seats allowing cargo rack for luggage.

Joylong E6 Electric Bus Victoria

Joylong E6 Melbourne

Electric Bus Sales Melbourne & VIC

Electric buses are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. They’re more environmentally friendly, they save on fuel costs, and they’re a lot more fun to drive than traditional buses. The Joylong E6 electric bus is a great option for those looking for an environmentally friendly mode of transportation in Melbourne. With a city range of 300kms and a highway range of 280kms, this bus can handle most needs.

The Joylong E6 Electric Bus is perfect for a range of different purposes, from transporting large groups of people to being a reliable mode of transportation. The bus has a number of great features, including a fast pickup and a low centre of gravity. The low centre of gravity is due to the battery pack being placed in a central location beneath the floor, making cornering far safer than on a regular bus. The Joylong E6 bus can accommodate up to 12-14 passengers, making it ideal for a variety of uses.

The Joylong E6 electric bus is now available in Melbourne and throughout Australia and is sure to make big waves. Joylong Automobiles is expanding into the Australian market with a proven track record in sales in 59 countries and regions. The E6 electric bus is perfect for city transit, and Joylong is quickly becoming one of the world’s most important electric bus producers. With a manufacturing facility in Jiangsu Province, China that covers 933,333 square meters, Joylong is well-placed to become a leading name in Australian electric bus sales. In addition to e-Buses, Joylong also produces a wide range of vehicles, including MPVs, passenger and cargo vans, minibuses, tourist buses, and city cars.

E6 eBuses Melbourne

The E6 is perfect for city use, thanks to its spacious and comfortable interior. With air conditioning/heating front and rear, it’s a great choice for busy cities and long-distance travel. The overall 6-meter length provides for plenty of legroom, which ensures ample space while seating. The Joylong E6 electric bus is quickly becoming a popular choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly and reliable mode of transport.

The E6 electric bus offers better performance than traditional buses, with a 60kW water-cooled electric motor and an 86.1 kWh battery pack. This delivers a lot of range, and the vehicle is so quiet that you can talk as if you’re in a private room. The economics of this bus makes it a sound investment, with payback in around 2 years. It’s a straightforward decision you can’t pass up.

The Joylong E6 Electric Bus has been thoroughly tested in Australia over a two-year period and is known for its better performance. With its high-quality design and mechanical performance suitable to our unique Australian conditions, this electric bus is a fantastic choice for Victoria and Melbourne city. The buyer can be assured of top quality with the Joylong E6 Electric Bus.

Joylong E6 Electric Bus Features

Easy to drive

Easy to Drive

  • Quiet and smooth drive
  • Easy to drive in city conditions.
  • Low centre of gravity for driver stability.
  • Drives and feels very stable when driving on open roads
  • Handles rough roads and corrugated surfaces with a real sense of control.
  • Very responsive and good power range under load.
  • Tested in Australia on bitumen and corrugated gravel roads.
Passenger comfort

Passenger Comfort

  • 5990mm electric bus can be adapted from 12 to 14 seats allowing for additional extra and spacious leg room for passenger comfort or cargo area for luggage. (This has an effect on driver’s license req.)
  • Air conditioning – front and rear with separate climate controls.
  • Easy entry with side electronic step.
  • Electric bus exit hand-rails
  • Fold-up rear seats
  • Extra leg room for passenger comfort
  • Passenger seatbelts on all seats.
  • Tinted passenger windows with expansive viewing.
  • High passenger roof to allow easy movement on and off vehicle.
  • Speakers fitted throughout.
  • Rear internal lighting.
Long lasting battery

Powerful Battery

  • Powered with a 86.1kWh LFP Liquid Cooled Battery and a 60kW Liquid Cooled Motor.
  • Maintains and delivers the power and speed expected from drivers.
  • Coupled with an on-board management and energy feedback computer system.
  • Capable of reducing day to day fuel costs by up to 60%.
  • Low maintenance.
Standard features

Standard Features

  • Fitted with ABS and EBD braking system – front and rear disc brakes.
  • Battery regeneration and retardation.
  • Front and side intrusion bars.
  • Driver and front passenger airbag.
  • Roll-over compliant.
  • Computer feedback and fault-finding management systems.
  • Low battery warning.
  • Reverse cameras.
  • AC Charging.

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